Dr. Lauren Ranivand

Dr. Ranivand’s bond with animals began as early as she can remember. Any chance that she got, she spent outside or at the barn riding horses and taking care of the animals. Dr. Ranivand learned the profound value in the human-animal bond through horseback riding, and later as a Barn Manager and Riding Instructor. She will never forget the special bond she shared with a horse named Max, whom she competed with throughout her high school and college years. Dr. Ranivand earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and knew she wanted to continue working with animals.

Dr. Ranivand entered the veterinary field as a technician in a private practice in 2005. Her interest in the human-animal connection, combined with a curiosity about health and medicine, inspired her to earn a Masters of Public Health degree from Drexel University. While studying there, Dr. Ranivand worked with the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine on the 9-11 Search and Rescue Dog Project and her own Masters’ thesis, A Comparative Study of Human and Feline Asthma Trends in the Philadelphia Region. Her thesis project earned her the Exemplary Community-Based Masters Project Award. Her bond with animals and her experiences at Drexel inspired Dr. Ranivand to continue on to veterinary school at Virginia Tech.

After veterinary school, Dr. Ranivand entered private practice. She continues to be inspired by her patients and by the internal and external factors that affect their health. This has led to an interest in integrative medicine, as she has expanded her skill set to include Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM), ultrasound and laser therapy.

Dr. Ranivand has a brown tabby, named Roo, and loves to travel and practice photography. She also works with World Vets Organization to provide international veterinary services to communities in need.

Dr. Melissa Gosline

At 8 years old, Dr. Gosline was already taking in and caring for stray neighborhood cats. It was obvious at this young age, that she was meant to be a veterinarian. Dr. Gosline received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from James Madison University. Her passion for animals drew her to the veterinary field, and so she continued her schooling to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. While working as a technician, her love of the field grew and motivated her to become a veterinarian. She earned her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Virginia Tech in 2010. While studying there, she was recognized by her professors for her exemplary skill with animals when she received The Sherrie Clark Compassion and Caring Award.

After veterinary school, Dr. Gosline entered private practice, but her learning didn’t stop there. She continued to expand her skill set into integrative medicine by becoming certified in acupuncture and learning Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM). The benefits of these therapies to her patients compels her to continue learning and integrating eastern and western medicine.

Dr. Gosline rescued a German Shepherd mix named Reese (AKA “Reese Cup”) and an orange tabby named Mr. Jones. She loves to travel and go hiking in her spare time and you may see some of her baked goods around the clinic from time to time.

Dr. Elizabeth Worn

Dr. Liz Worn could be found working in the barn from the age of 10 in exchange for riding lessons, and at the local 4-H club with her bunny. Math and science were always her favorite subjects, and combined with her love of animals, veterinary medicine became her vocation. Dr. Worn loves being a part of her patient’s lives, and working to strengthen the human-animal bond. Being around animals brings Dr. Worn a great sense of peace, and her goal is to always provide excellent medical care for her patients. Dr. Worn enjoys the challenge that being a veterinarian provides, as our patients don’t speak and often hide their illnesses.

During veterinary school, Dr. Worn received several scholarships, and was recognized for her compassionate patient care with the John Morton Aware for Humane Animal Care. Following veterinary school, Dr. Worn was accepted to a competitive, rigorous internship program. During this one-year post-graduate training program, she worked closely with the Thoroughbred racehorse industry and with high-level sport horses, gaining medical and surgical experience with well-respected and experienced equine veterinarians.

After two years as an equine (and cow, goat, alpaca, llama, dog, cat!) veterinarian, Dr. Worn transitioned to exclusively small animal medicine and surgery, and has furthered her training by becoming certified in veterinary acupuncture. Dr. Worn loves being able to provide an integrative approach for patients as acupuncture is a powerful tool to help our bodies heal and to relieve pain. Dr. Worn is a member of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and AAVA (American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture). She has a hard time picking one part of veterinary medicine that she loves most – while her favorite part is fostering bonds with her patients and their caretakers (pet moms and dads), she is most interested in internal medicine, ophthalmology, integrative medicine, and dermatology.

Dr. Worn grew up in Pennsylvania prior to moving to South Carolina as a teenager. She shares her home with a German shorthair pointer named Blitz. He is an integral part of her life, and for a while was her farm call assistant! Thankfully, he accepted his salary in the form of pup cups (whipped cream) and homemade dog treats. Now his job is to keep them both active outside, and he still enjoys trips to the barn. She is excited to grow roots in Virginia!

Eva; LVT, Practice Manager

Eva’s love of animals developed as a child. For as long as she can remember, there was always a dog or cat that she was asking to pet or begging her parents to adopt. Her love of medicine developed as a result of entering the veterinary field as a receptionist in 2004. In this role, she learned the importance of valuing pet parents as much as you value their pets. After some time as a receptionist, she transitioned to the role of veterinary assistant. She remembers her excitement during this time and her love for animals continued to grow as did her handling skills. Her curiosity and thirst for medical knowledge increased as well. That curiosity and thirst led her to veterinary technician school which she graduated from in 2009.

After two years as a technician, she wanted to give back to the profession that she loved so much. She went to work for a non-profit shelter as their anesthetic technician and shelter population medical coordinator along with their shelter veterinarian. The shelter is where her interest in behavior bloomed and was nurtured. She learned a lot about how to recognize behaviors, how to manage those behaviors, and also how the environment can impact the behavior of an animal, for better or for worse. Her position at the shelter was very fulfilling for Eva and one that she loved. After two years with the shelter, she realized she missed the day-to-day connection with an animal, the privilege of watching them grow through life, and the connection with their pet parent.

So, she returned to private practice and continued to learn more and more about veterinary medicine and behavior and became a lead technician. In that role, she developed an assistant training program focusing on practical skills, reading dog behavior, and low-stress handling. One of her favorite things is seeing a dog who is nervous at the vet blossom into a happy pup just because we have taken the time to learn what makes him nervous and how to handle him to mitigate those nerves. The final transition Eva has made is to the post of the practice manager. She is very excited to be working with like-minded people in a hospital whose focus is on low stress handling for both cats and dogs and also practices the highest quality of medicine. Say hi to her the next time you’re at the hospital, and forgive her if she greets your pet before saying hi to you! She can’t help her love for your pet!

Joyce, Veterinary Assistant

For as long as she can remember, Joyce always had a love for animals. She was the only one in her family who would approach any type of animal with no hesitance. Her favorite show from childhood, and still is one of her favorites, was called “Animal Farm” which aired in South Korea. With her love for animals, in 2010, she started working at a doggy daycare. She had a great time interacting with pets on a daily bases and her interest in the field grew.

Joyce went to work for private practice in 2012 where she started working as a receptionist and vet assistant and quickly became an integral part of their team. She was heavily relied upon for her great technical and animal handling skills. While working there, she realized that she wanted to help educate people about the importance and benefits of proactive veterinary care. So, she decided that her new dream job is to become a veterinarian!

She is currently working on her psychology degree at George Mason University and her goal is to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine. In her free time, Joyce enjoys watching movies, cooking (although she does enjoy the part that comes after cooking more.. eating!) and spending time with her husband and their cat FurRawri. Joyce also enjoys taking pictures of our patients and is the resident photographer. Be on the lookout for her photos around the hospital!


Jazzii fell into the veterinary field with a random opportunity. She was keeping the hardworking team of Fairfax Veterinary Hospital caffeinated at their favorite coffee shop as a barista when she learned of an opening. She took a chance and was able to join Fairfax Veterinary’s team! Now, she gets to enjoy two of her passions, coffee, and animals! What more could you ask for? She has always loved being around animals and worked with them through pet sitting and volunteering, but never thought she would get into the animal field professionally.

Jazzii has fallen in love with the field while working here and has gotten to learn so much. She has appreciated being educated all about the Fear Free movement in the veterinary world. Keeping the environment stress-free and enjoyable for the animals means a lot to Jazzii. She hopes to express that as soon as you and your pet walk through the front door at reception. She wants to make sure you start and end your visit with a smile and a happy tail! She hopes to continue learning about all that the veterinary world has to offer as she works with the team.


Evita joined Fairfax Veterinary Hospital in January of 2021. Her love for all animals, has only grown since being raised on a farm and volunteering at animal shelters since high school. These experiences made her interested in working with our team, particularly because of the focus on fear free care.

She is attending NVCC enrolled in their Phlebotomy CSC program. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and finding the best place for a picnic. She looks forward to her future with Fairfax Veterinary Hospital.


Stephanie has dreamed of being in the veterinary field since she was a young girl. She would spend all her free time pet sitting, volunteering at animal shelters, and finding opportunities to learn more about the field. She treats all our patients like family.

She completed Animal Science classes in high school, has 4 years of experiences as a Veterinary Assistant, and she is currently in school to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Stephanie has also loved learning about Integrative medicine. She also hopes to become proficient in many areas such as massage, dentistry, and Equine medicine to name a few.


Originally from the United Kingdom, Virginia has a background in marine biology and has lived all over the world but is now settled in Fairfax. When she is not working at FVH or in her real estate business, she is out walking her redbone hound along the miles of trails around Fairfax County, and she loves nothing better than a great Zumba class!


completing a marine animal college program at SeaWorld San Antonio. She got her start formally working with animals volunteering at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, VA, where she handled and cared for endangered animals, including black-footed ferrets, red crowned cranes, and red pandas. This experience led her to seek out additional work with animals – she began pet-sitting any chance she got while going to school and nannying. In 2015, Katie secured full-time animal work at a high-volume referral practice. She spent three incredibly educational years there and has also worked at a general veterinary practice and as a supervisor at a large pet resort. Katie’s last position was at Animal Behavior Wellness Center for almost three years where she learned a lot about behavior! Katie joined the FVH team in February 2022. She completed her Veterinary Technology degree in 2022 and will be testing for her license soon! She has a love for Fear Free, behavior training and all things pets!

When not working with animals, she enjoys hiking/camping/being at the lake with her cattle dog/German shepherd, Ashes and spending time with her two adorable little nephews, Travis and Gavin.


Kimberly joined the Fairfax Veterinary Team in September 2021. She is trained to be a veterinary assistant/receptionist. She has always loved helping animals for as long as she can remember! Her biggest goal is to become a licensed veterinary technician and to go to different countries to help animals in need. She resides in Alexandria with her sweet pittie, Blue!